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Ideas for keeping guests comfortable outside?

 I am getting married this Saturday - both the ceremony and reception will be outside (tents are set up for the reception). The forecast is HOT - 88 for a high with high humidity! We just ordered some fans to set up, there will be plenty of water available and the ceremony programs double as hand-held fans. I want people to have fun, dance, and not go home early because of the heat....what other things can I do to help keep my guests comfortable? I'd love to hear your ideas...

Re: Ideas for keeping guests comfortable outside?

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    sounds like the fans and water are your best bet-- what time is your ceremony? 

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    I agree with Erin. The tent, fans, programs, and provided water is about as much as you can do. What time is your ceremony? The hottest part of the day is 2pm-ish. After that it'll start to cool and you should be fine. 

    Honestly, people complain, but it's no different then them being outside doing anything during the summer time. It was hot for our outdoor wedding, about 86 for the high, but with fans going and the breeze off the lake, people were fine. 
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    It was 95 degrees on our wedding day (6/1), and we had an outdoor ceremony at 4:30pm. I didn't hear one complaint about the heat! I had a drink stand set up with plenty of water bottles, and beverage dispensers with lemonade and Arnold Palmer (iced tea & lemonade mixed- we were married at a golf course) which was a hit! I think you've got everything covered with water, fans and the tent. Enjoy your day and don't worry about your guests! They will have a great time no matter what the weather is!
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    Our high for Saturday is 101. 88 sounds like a nice afternoon :) We are having 3 water bottle stations set up out on the courtyard by the dance floor and table set up. The Ceremony is at 6 which is the hottest part of the day here in west texas, but it is in the ballroom. The reception/food starts at 7:15, sunset @8:50. Other drinks and beer will be set up in the ballroom by the buffet table. Our vermont/Maine and Illinois guest will be in for a rough afternoon! Just have enough to keep everyone hydrated and Im sure everything will go smooth. 
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