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Reviews!! 6.14.13 - Part 1


We are back! Our day was just amazing! It was everything I hoped for and more! We had a few hiccups in our stay at Caesars, but overall everything turned out great! This board is so awesome and really helped me along the way when it came to questions or just reading others questions. Thank you!!

Southwest Airlines: A++++++

Southwest was simply fantastic. I was really worried about getting my dress down to Vegas. I heard that others pay for an extra seat, ship their dress down early, have the flight attendant hang it... etc. My dress was in a garment bag so I just carried it on with my purse. As soon as I got on the airplane, the attendant asked me if we were getting married. When I told her we were she was very happy for us. I asked her to assist me in getting my dress in one of the overhead bins that was completely empty. I was able to put my dress in there and it fit perfectly. Nobody else put there luggage in the bin with my dress, and the flight attendant said she would make sure it was safe! I was fine with it getting a bit wrinkly because I had scheduled Debi Fit for a Bride to come and get my dress when we landed in Vegas. On the way to Vegas, the flight attendant announced that we were getting married so everyone on the plane clapped and cheered for us. The flight attendant made me a tiara out of pretzels and those heart shaped stir sticks that SW gives. It was really cute and funny! I wore it the whole way to Vegas. She also gave us a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. It was great! Once we landed everyone on the plane congratulated us as they left the plane. On the way home, one of the flight attendants asked us if we had got married or were getting married. We told him we just got married and he gave us free alcohol all the way home. Hubby and I had Rum and Cokes the whole way and were a bit tipsy after we got off. It helped with the bumpy ride home since Hubby is terrified of flying. It was a great experience with Southwest!!

Flamingo:  A

We stayed at the Flamingo on Wednesday night (our first night in Vegas). I really love this hotel. It is a bit on the older side but the atmosphere is a lot of fun! We loved our room and the customer service was great! Checking in and out was pretty easy. Lots of our family and friends were staying here so after we checked out on Thursday we kept coming back to gamble and such. Flamingo Brides - the garden chapel and outside space for this hotel is simply beautiful! You will be very happy if you chose any other there locations. The pool does get a little bit loud so I would be bit worried about that affecting your ceremony if you chose an outside location but other than that its a nice hotel!

Clark County Courthouse for Marriage Certificate: A-

I did the pre-marriage form, it was easy since I followed the tips that the website and this board gave. However, when we got to the courthouse, the other line (non pre-registration) went faster than ours. I don't know if this is all the time, but the day we went it definitely took us a bit longer than the line of people who were just registering. We were out of there in about 20-30 mins. Otherwise, everything went great!

Debi Fit for a Bride - A

I had put the $25 deposit to use Debi. I called her and she was so friendly! She answered all of my questions and contacted me about where to pick up my dress when I got to Vegas. I felt really bad because I canceled on her the day before the wedding day because one of my hubby's Aunties offered to steam and iron my dress for me to save some money. Debi was completely understanding when I canceled and I now know why so many use her. She is great! I lost out on my $25 deposit but no biggie!

Caesars Palace: C (Long Review)

I would really give them a lower grade because I was VERY VERY disappointed with them, but the Classico Chapel is very beautiful and we loved our room (Palace Tower Deluxe Room). I was really excited about staying at Caesars because it is such a beautiful hotel! The hotel is huge and has to be one of the biggest in Vegas. It was a bit of a walk from the front entrance to our room, but after stay a few days we got the hang of it. We really liked the hotel its self but the customer service.....TERRIBLE! I have been planning this wedding for nearly two years now. Shani Rocklin Schwartz was my wedding planner and she was awful. The first problem was when we checked in on Thursday. While checking in, they told me that I needed to pay for our hotel rooms as they weren't paid for. I explained to the person checking us in that a two night stay came with our wedding package, and that we had a third night comped for us due to a promotion that CP had on their website. I gave them a couple corresponding emails as I never got a receipt for our final payment (my fault for not requesting it from Shani). I also gave them our confirmation code for the stay as I thought that this would be sufficient. The front desk person said he would speak to his manager and come back. He came back and said that there was nothing they could do because there system is still saying that we need to pay for our stay. I explained to them that I was getting married at the Classico Chapel and that my stay was included in the wedding package, but they didn't understand. I literally had to pull up the website on my phone to show them what the package said. He said I needed to call my wedding planner and have her call them to confirm. I called Shani three to four times and no answer! I do not understand why she didn't have a cell number to contact. Once I couldn't get a hold of her, the front desk guy left and went again to talk to his manager. I immediately started to cry because I was worried that I wouldn't have a place to stay that night, and we were getting married the next day. My Mother in Law is a bit of a spitfire and she went up to the chapel front desk and went a bit crazy. Nonetheless, they finally got a hold of Shani (at home) and she confirmed that we were all paid for and confirmed our three night stay. They ended up giving us a food and beverage credit of $100 dollars for all the trouble, but at that point I didn't care. I was beyond pissed. That wasn't the only issue...Saturday morning, we went to eat at Serendipity 3 and tried to charge our $63 dollar bill to the room. Serendipity said they didn't show that we had a food and beverage credit on our acct. So we had to pay with our own money, go back to Caesars and tell them the issue. They said because we didn't have a credit card on file that we couldn't charge to the room. Nobody told us that on Thursday when we checked in! They activated our food and beverage credit and my Hubby went back to Serendipity to get our money back. Serendipity put the money on our credit. More Issues... The food and beverage credit again was an issue before we left, we had an issue with finding our limo to take us to Hussong's after the wedding (bad communication by Shani) and they tried to charge us for the third night stay at check out. Our experience with Caesars was terrible! Shani wasn't a good wedding planner as we begin to find out that she hadn't done all the right things to make our stay go seamlessly.

Wedding day @ Caesars - Pretty Perfect! The chapel was amazingly beautiful! My flowers from Caesars we gorg! They did an awesome job with the flowers and the boutonnieres. I got Ivory roses and gerbera daises. My Maid of Honor's flowers were Hot Pink roses and gerbera daises and the boutonnieres matched my Maid of Honor's. My hubby's matched my bouquet. I had a friend pick the flowers up at noon on wedding day since we were taking pictures before the wedding @ 1pm. The florist gave us vases to keep the flowers in to keep them fresh. I was worried that the flowers wouldn't last all day, but they lasted all the way through the night and into the next morning. I gave Shani a CD with the song that I walked down the aisle to and that went off without a hitch (I was worried the CD would skip). I had two bags of Ivory rose pedals to go down the aisle since I didn't have a flower girl. They were great but I felt like I needed one more bag since its such a large chapel. Reverend Eli was amazing! He made us feel very comfortable and helped us along the way. We loved the kind things he said about us as if he had know us for years! His messages during the ceremony were perfect! We had an issue finding our limo after the wedding to take us to Hussong's for the after wedding dinner. Shani told me to contact concierge for the limo, so I called them from our room before we came down. I was on hold for 30 mins, so we decided to come down and talk to the front desk since Shani wasn't answering. Found out that all I had to do was go out front to find our limo. We were 30 mins late to our dinner and had our guest waiting.

Re: Reviews!! 6.14.13 - Part 1

  • Oh I would have been livid with that entire checking in process and with the coordinator! Who wants that drama checking in?? And with the limo being on hold 30 mins-Shani needs to go!!

  • On a positive note, that is wonderful what Southwest did for you guys. Hope we have the same luck!
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  • Congrats!! thanks for the reviews =)
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  • Thanks for the reviews! The Caesars review makes me a bit nervous since I'm getting married there April 2014. Hopefully things will go fine. My coordinator Melissa has been super so far! Glad the Classico chapel was great! That's where my ceremony will be! :)
  • Dawnish02, I think you will be just fine! I honestly think it was just my wedding coordinator. Just make sure you print EVERYTHING before you check in so you have all the documents to prove that your package is paid for :) Congrats! Your day will be perfect!

  • Fablove, yes Shani does! I was livid! I couldn't believe the issues we had with Caesars! Everyone always says such great things but I really think it was just our coordinator.
  • Wow, I can't believe the reception desk at Ceasers put you through that, that is awful.  So glad you got it sorted.  The airline sounds incredible though!  Congratulations on your wedding, have you thought about emailing Ceasers and explaining how disappointed with the service you were?  Maybe they'd offer something for if you ever make a return visit (especially if you mention you're a poster and reviewer on The Knot vegas forum!) Worth a try!
  • Awwww CONGRATS! We are flying southwest too! I'll be sure to let someone know we are getting married and see what happens!
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