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ceremony aisle decorations?

Hi, im having a july wedding. the colors being yellow, green, and white. Im having daisy's and billy balls, and leafy greens as the flowers, ad im incorporating lemons and limes into it. Our signature drink is an Arnold palmer and a lemon drop, party favors will include lemonheads and lemondrop candies. The whole entire wedding will be outside. It is going to be an evening wedding, starting around 7:30,  (sunset will be around 8:30ish) Its in the middle of a field, the theme is a little rustic, southern summer kinda thing. So the last detail I cant decide is what can I do about the decorations for the aisle way?! im sooooooo over the mason jar thing, I just went to a wedding that had the theme ":mason jar" so I don't really want that.

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