throw bouquets

What are your thoughts on having a separate throw bouquet at your reception?  I'm pretty sure I'm going to have one but I was curious as to other's thoughts/ideas.

Re: throw bouquets

  • I'm doing a toss bouquet. Otherwise you toss over a $200+ floral present to your bratty 12 year old cousin, you know?

    I plan on just buying a $5 bouquet from the grocery store the night before. Most florists want to charge too much for them in my opinion. 
  • Every wedding I have been to the bride had a separate bouquet for tossing.  Most times it is just made up from a few stems of flowers and depending on your florist is thrown in for free.

  • I'm going to tie the flowers from our pew markers into a "bouquet" to use as my toss bouquet. Two for the price of one :)
  • I'm having a toss bouquet - I want to do something creative with my actual bouquet and would hate to see it ruined!
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