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Adulting - "adult isn't a noun; it's a verb."


Re: Adulting - "adult isn't a noun; it's a verb."

  • leia1979 said:
    Oh CocoBella and your fancy dishwasher. I dream of having one with time delay...or anything other than on/off.

    I fail at anything cleaning other than a way to clean cheap jewelry for cheap: line a small dish with aluminum foil. drop in the jewelry so it makes maximum contact with the foil, cover with baking soda, and add some boiling water to cover. Watch interesting bubbles. Walk away. Come back later and rinse off your clean jewelry.

    Take care of your car and it will take care of you (e.g. regular oil changes and tire rotations).

    Back up your computer. You never know when it might be stolen or your hard drive could crash.

    And one from my dad: take lots of pictures. Especially when it's so easy to these days. They'll be so instrumental to help you remember events in your life when you're older.
    I am in IT.  I SHOULD DO THIS AT HOME.  :(  I guess I'll put it on my list to do this week.

    also, my dishwasher is just the stock one that they put in homes.  it is all sorts of un-fancy, but it does have a delay start which is a life-saver!

  •    keep an umbrella in your car and in your office.
    I don't even know where my umbrella is.  Then again, it rains like 3 times a year in Phoenix, so I almost never need one...
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