Delivery fees?

I'm just curious, but what is the average delivery fee? I met with two different florists today, both recommended by my venue. Their delivery fees were $50 (1 mile from venue) and $600 (40 miles from venue).
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Re: Delivery fees?

  • $600 for 40 miles seems outrageous!  Our original venue was about an hour away, and the delivery fee was going to be $250 for delivery and setup. It was $175 with the venue we ended up at, and that was about 15 miles away. 

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  • I thought it was outrageous, especially since it's 1/3 of my flower budget!  
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  • My delivery/set up fee is $40 and it's about a mile from my venue as well.. the $600 is RIDICULOUS.
  • my lady is charging me 75$ because its "early" ::rolls eyes::
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  • $600 is super ridiculous. Ours is $100 and it's 20 miles from our venue. 
  • Thanks for the feedback.  I met with 4 other florists, and they all were between $50-150 on delivery fees. In the end, I went with a florist that's about 30 miles away.  She's only charging me $50 for delivery because I was referred by a friend.  
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  • I got several delivery fee quotes from different florist. They ranged from$250 to $10. $50 sounds reasonable for delivery/ set up.
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