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Getting in Shape

Healthy Dinners

Happy Friday! I don't think there has been one of these posts in awhile. Just wondering what everyone's dinner menus look like this week? My fiancee mentioned he is so sick and tired of our usual dinners so I'm hoping to see some good ideas. Hopefully on the healthy side as well.

So far i know i have:

Sun - Ribs in the crock pot
Mon - HG's Hawaiian burgers
Tues - Salmon

Any one else?

Re: Healthy Dinners

  • I'm trying to shake wedding/honeymoon weight gain, so my dinners are completely lack luster and purely designed to drop pounds. I'll start rotating real food back in in a week or two, but until then I'm on a pretty strict protein/veggie combo meals for lunch and dinner everyday. I just had grilled chicken with broccoli and cauliflower for lunch. I plan to pick up some ground turkey and grill up some bunless burgers too. But that's about it for the next week or two until a drop a few pounds. Then I'll swing back into cooking real food in time to energize for my first triathlon of the season. 
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  • hmmm - let me see if I can remember...

    Monday - grilled chicken breast with sauteed kale (in coconut oil), green bean and onion cold salad (homemade - seasoned s/p/g red wine vinegar) and sweet potato.

    Tuesday - Graduation dinner for FI younger sister so we were out. I had grilled chilean sea bass with what I'm assuming was butter poached carrots/broccoli/string beans. Had a bite of FI filet (delishhh) and some grilled calamari as an app.

    Wed - Chicken sausage, sweet potato, sauteed kale (in coconut oil) and some grilled eggplant.

    Thursday - Big food dinner because I have a bajillion calories left over... We had hot italian sausage (sauteed.. nothing added it is fatty enough!), added in some mushrooms and kale to that, had GF gnocchi and tossed that together then had some grilled eggplant on the side.

    Tonight we are having grilled chicken, mashed turnips, sauteed asparagus and grilled onion/peppers.

  • @Liatris2010, is there a link to that on their web page? I'm assuming you took it out of the magazine, so correct me if I'm wrong. I effing love tostadas. I'd totally make that.

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  • I just got home on Tuesday so This week's  menu looks like:

    Wednesday: Sweet potato/black bean enchiladas (technically I used yams because the store didn't have organic sweet potatoes) 

    Thursday: Burrito bowls (avocado, shredded spinach/kale, quinoa instead of rice, black beans, etc)

    Friday: Raw "alfredo" with zucchini/cucumber/carrot "noodles" 

    Saturday: We have to go to a birthday party (omg. Guys. Hardest thing ever to decide on a birthday gift for a 5 year old girl when I am NEVER around kids O.o ) so that will be BBQ.. whiiich means I will eat whatever veggies are there and will bring protein bars/nuts with 

    Sunday: We will probably grill burgers. Meat for H and I will make zucchini cakes most likely because I'm obsessed with them right now. 

  • FTL, does she read yet? (I couldn't at 5 years old, but I learned soon after.) I was obsessed with books when I was young. They were the best gifts ever.
  • This week has been pretty awful for us because we're moving....some of our staple meals though include: -Homemade Chicken Pad Thai -Indian curry with chicken, rice and naan -Grilled steak with fresh veggies -Chicken kiev with broccoli -Baked Ziti -Chicken Tortilla Soup They aren't the epitome of healthy but we enjoy them and have learned to eat correct portion sizes to fit our calorie needs in a given day.
  • On Monday I made a big crock pot of chicken and black bean soup (recipe) and had that for Monday/Tuesday dinners with avocado.

    Wednesday: Fajitas (on lettuce instead of wraps)

    Thursday: FI made jalapeno/garlic burgers with a big salad

    Friday: Burgers again, yum.

    Saturday: Unknown, I'm on my own that day! Possibly quinoa salad, possibly chicken and veggies, depending on what's left in the fridge (a 'use up food before the next grocery shop' kind of meal).

    Sunday: Salmon kebabs on the bbq.
  • Thanks ladies, 
    Lia that's what I went with. Her mom said "princess, pink, crafts, and/or horses" the problem is age appropriate. I have no idea what's age appropriate. I remember when I was younger that the whole "suggested age" crap ( "3 and up" "5+" etc) were never accurate. 
    I ended up going with a bracelet bead making kit, and little princess candy necklaces to go on the outside of the gift (I like to add something cute like that to bows when I wrap gifts. It's a fun teaser for kids) 

    I think she will approve. We shall see! O.o haha

    @meanpony, we can't be friends.. reading is stuuuuupid :P haha I thought books, but honestly would be COMPLETELY lost there since, again, that's an age appropriate thing. 
  • @firsttimersluck, zucchini cakes recipes, please and thank you!? That sounds like heaven.

    I just went grocery shopping (this post may have made me feel bad and realize I'm out of food.) I bought ground turkey for bunless burgers, tons of plain chicken so I can marinade and grill it. I'm planning taco/Meixcan seasoned and pineapple teriyaki. I bought asparagus, zucchini, red pepper, onions, sweet potatos, pineapple, mangos, and peaches. I also got organic gaucamole (I usually make my own but the heat makes me particularly lazy) and beans. Yummy foods!
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  • @cnf2013 I make them on my own >_< I know that's not helpful.. but here are a couple that are kinda similar to mine. 

    and I usually make something similar to this as a dipping sauce: 

     Often I'm lazy and just grab the mayo (vegan, but I would think the regular would work) and mix in sirracha, paprika, etc) It's pretty incredible over these. You can make a tomato sauce, a balsamic reduction, etc. 
    It pretty much goes with anything, but I highly recommend the mayo/sirracha as a dipper. :) 
  • Good thing I bought zucchini's yesterday. I'm totally making those tonight. Thanks FTL!
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