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June 2013 Weddings

The day before and.....

My sister just called to tell me she won't be coming to the wedding. Her daughter is in a rodeo apparently....


My other sister just canceled o going to get her nails done with me this afternoon....

I'm feeling a little blue.
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Re: The day before and.....

  • Wow, did your sister not know her daughter was going to be in a rodeo before??

    I feel ya on the nails. My sister and mom were supposed to go with my to get our nails done the Friday before the wedding, but they were driving up from six hours away and they left home way too late to make it in time for the appointment. So I went alone. It's okay! I don't know if you've had the appointment yet, but use that solitary time to reflect on the new amazing life you're going to have with your hubby. You're marrying your best friend! And he will always be there for you in times like this. :-D
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  • Thanks! It was nice to have some time to myself. My niece got in the finals... But that's nothing new she made the finals for this same rodeo last year. I'm just upset she didn't value my wedding over that...

    Tomorrow will be awesome anyway!
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  • My sister isn't coming to mine either :( I'm sorry, it sucks.
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  • I'm sorry your sister is not coming :(  That is cool for your niece, but agree that your wedding should have some sort of priority.  I'd be bummed too, and I'm sure she is sad.   Try not to let it interfere with your happiness. End of the day you still get married with or without her there.

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