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Photographer and Videographer package?

Hello!  Has anyone hired someone as both their photographer AND videographer?  Do you think that would be easier or harder than hiring separately?  I feel like it should be easier since you only have to work with one group of people that would presumably work well together, as opposed to two separate people/companies.  But it will also be harder to find someone who does both since there aren't as many options.  Currently my budget for both is about $3,000 combined.  Do you think that will be possible?  Also some of that budget will have to go to a separate photographer for engagement pictures, since we live in a different state than where we are getting married.  

Re: Photographer and Videographer package?

  • i think it all depends.  our photographer does not do video but she works closely with two different video businesses & has been super helpful coordinating that.  that could be a question for anyone you are looking at.
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