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Same Wedding venue friend just used?

My friend just had a gorgous wedding a few weeks ago. We have a similar circle of mutual friends here. Would it look like i am copying using her same venue? It was gorgeous and in our budget.

Re: Same Wedding venue friend just used?

  • Will you be decorating it differently, serving different foods and drinks, providing other different amenities, etc.?  If so, you won't be copying her.

    If you were using the exact same decorations, food, drinks, etc., then I'd think you were copying her, but if other elements are different, I'd think yours was still unique.
  • Good venues that are affordable are hard to find. If you liked it, you may not be the only ones to use it. As long as you are not borrowing her decor, I see nothing wrong with it.
  • Ditto everyone else. Unless you plan on copying all the details of her wedding, it's no big deal. It's just a venue. 
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  • I would love to go to someone else's wedding at our venue. I had too many butterflies to eat the food, take full advantage of the bar, and I missed the desserts I wanted to try the most because I got distracted. I would be over the moon if a friend had their wedding at our venue.

  • unless you have 400 venues to choose from no one will think you're copying. repeats happen.


  • Nobody thinks about copying, unless they're really childish.  Use the venue if you love it.
    However, a lot of people are really childish. The wife of my husbands best friend recently complained to us for using "their" song as a quote in our engagement cards even though she wasn't emotionally attached to this song in anyway (her husband didn't even know it was used in their ceremony). But she's going to have a happy princess fake wedding in 2015...

    However, don't listen to people telling you you're copying their wedding. If you love the place, book it! Have your wedding somewhere you feel comfortable.

  • Nobody thinks about copying, unless they're really childish.  Use the venue if you love it.
    A lot of people are really childish, and a lot of people compare weddings- If you don't mind if people compare your wedding to hers and if you don't turn the wedding planning process into "if she did this I have to do this to make it even better" then I think you are fine. :) Good Luck planning! 
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE, the venue, most of our friends all go same church so I have been to 5 weddings this year at that church. The venue is perfect altanta can be pricey and most venues are at least $1200 more for similar , i was able to help setup the decor for her wedding and have meet the coordinators already they are really nice so I will go with them.
  • If you liked the venue enough to want to book I'm guessing you liked the food, the bar, and the service that was provided as a guest. You got to take the venue for a test run as guest before committing to it. And you'll know the experience your guests will have and don't we all want our guests to enjoy the reception. Go for it!!!

    As pp said, as long as you don't do exactley what she did, no one will thinking you're copying. They'll just think , awesome, the food was great there, can't wait to go back.

  • our centerpieces and design will be completely different .our colors are pink, teal, orange, hers were orange and khaki/ivory. and silver
  • I think three of my cousins have had the same reception venue. In the small town where I grew up, venue options are limited, so people are used to attending multiple weddings at the same place.
  • How far off? I am going to a wedding this weekend, and last year our mutual friend also had her reception there. They were actually each other's maids of honor. The girl who had the wedding first said she didn't feel bad about it at all. She was happy her friend was using the same venue because she liked it so much and the food was so good.
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    If someone used my venue after my wedding I'd be honored that they had such a great time they thought to select it as their venue for their own wedding.
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