Bouquets and arrangements for a navy and orange wedding?

Does anyone have the colors navy and orange? I am having a hard time conceptualizing what I want my flowers to look like, considering there aren't really "navy" flowers. Any ideas or examples of what was done at your wedding if you have the same colors?

I am open to doing mainly white bouquets, but would like to be a bit more original with the ceremony (altar) flowers.

Thanks knotties!

Re: Bouquets and arrangements for a navy and orange wedding?

  •  Birds of paradise are orange with blue accents.  Red works with navy and orange- you could add it to your color scheme and open up many more options.  As far as originality for the alter-have you considered marigold garlands? Like they use in Indian celebrations? They are GORGEOUS.

     I think red glads would look lovely and dramatic with your navy and orange color scheme too.

  • I would use navy for linens and orange with white or cream or peach or pale pink for the flowers... You could do a navy bow around the bouquets and use navy bows or a sash on your altar...



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    Tulips, iris, dark blue hydrangeas, or thistles come to mind.  Also, some flowers  can dyed to be a certain colour, such as roses, calla lilies, gerberas, carnations, or other originally white flowers.  And, of course, silk flowers come in any colour you want.
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