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I know my wedding is a year and a half away, but FI talk a lot about everything having to do with it.

His latest concern is that we won't have enough "entertainment" for our guests. He's insistent that there needs to be games or activities or something to keep them entertained either during cocktail hour or the reception. I've explained to him that cocktail hour is for drinks and appetizers, plus our venue is huge and gorgeous and exclusive so our guests can wander and enjoy at their leisure; and that during the reception there will be food and drinks and music and dancing, and that everyone will enjoy themselves and the time will just fly by. He's not convinced. it tacky to add some kind of other entertainment to either cocktail hour or the reception? He's thinking along the lines of games or something like that... Or do you think there will plenty and enough going on that it's not necessary?
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Re: Entertainment?

  • You do not need additional entertainment. Food, drinks, music and conversation are plenty of entertainment for adults to have a good time. What kind of games?  Unless this is a laid back event where you want to do lawn games outside, games have no place at a wedding. 

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  • We're bringing card games, mad libs, crayons & coloring books, etc. for the kids since there will be 16 - 20 children at the wedding...  But the adults will be fine visiting with each other, dancing, etc - they probably won't want to play games...



  •  I thought this would be a post about whether it was cool to have a belly dancing troup or fire dancers or hula dancers "entertain" at your wedding. There are actually quite a few awesome fire dancing/belly dancing and hula troups in my area, [northern CA], and I am wondering how/if I should have some at my wedding....

     It really depends on the type of games your FI has in mind. As PP's have said- lawn games are fine for outdoor and laidback events. I have also seen some venues that have billiards rooms- if your venue has billiards tables, and your FI wants to make them available to the guests- I think that is fine too.

    But I seriously want hula dancers, fire dancers, and some living statues at my wedding-so I'm probably not one to give advice on questions of " is this tacky?"

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