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Does garlic spray for bugs work?

My caterer suggested getting our outdoor venue sprayed with garlic for the mosquitos.  Our reception is going to be under a tent next to our pond, which is sort of located in the woods.  I've googled it and have only seen recipes for making garlic spray....Was wondering--has anyone heard of this, or tried it?  Want to know if it'll be worth it.  I like that its not a chemical, as I'd rather my guests weren't inhaling chemicals all night, but I want to make sure it's worth doing. TIA
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Re: Does garlic spray for bugs work?

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    Yes, do it. You can find it online. We have done our yard a few times and the label has worn off. It's a concentrate that you mix with water in a 2 or 3 gallon sprayer. It stinks for an hour but then that dissipates. It works for gnats and flies too.
  •  I bought some on Amazon last year- I noticed a reduction in bugs. BUT, unlike the PP, the stink didn't dissipate after an hour- it lasted 2-3 days each time I sprayed [about once a month]. I didn't have to mix mine though, it came in one of those bottles you attach to your hose. Also, the reason I was able to sit outside and not be bothered by the scent of garlic after 2 days was because I had multiple jasmine, gardenias, lily and English rose bushes in bloom-my garden usually smells like a perfume bottle in the summer. Maybe the smell is less noticeable originally if it isn't mixed with sweet scents?

    Anyways, I'd spray the site a week before, then use lots of citronella candles and hide Off clips in a few places.

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