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Getting in Shape

I'm going to sign up for the gym today!

It's a little expensive but I think it would be worth it. My question is when I go to sign up and pay should I wear workout clothes to start immediately or should I just wear normal clothes and come back later to work out?

Re: I'm going to sign up for the gym today!

  • Thank you! I'm just gonna go in with my workout clothes and see how it goes.

  • Do it! Have fun!

    And don't worry if you can't figure something out. I have been a regular gym goer for 3 years now, and I still can't adjust some stuff or have an idea how to use that machine. I just ask for help, or try it until I flip over (true story. I tried adjusting something, lost balance and almost face planted. I just pretended I meant to do it that way.) Moral of the story: definitely ask for help. Haha.

  • I also missed the point of the post: I am all for going in workout gear and starting right away.
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