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Getting in Shape

Michigan Ladies who like to lift

My sister is moving soon and she has a really nice set of free weights for sale (3lbs to 60lbs). She lives in the Metro Detroit area.
The bench, a mat, and a ball would be included.

I swear, I am not on this board for the sole purpose of hawking my wares. I just thought I might be allowed to bring this to your attention. If you want more info, please post, or pm me. If I am not allowed to do this, I am so sorry.

Re: Michigan Ladies who like to lift

  • *raises hand* I am interested and I will be in town this weekend....do you know how much she's asking for the set?
  • Hi Entropic, she's asking for half of the purchasing price, which makes it $450.
    Sorry, I've been slacking with checking in here.
    I'll pm you the craigslist ad, that way you can see pictures.
    If it's too much, I am sure she's open to negotiating.

  • Oh, I can already tell I don't have that much spare cash laying around. If she has no luck selling and gets desperate let me know :)
  • I will. Thank you entropic!
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