spray tan??

Any good recommendations for spray tans in the Pittsburgh area??

Thanks :):)

Re: spray tan??

  • Hollywood tans is a good booth type spray tan
  • I know it's 30 mins from Pittsburgh but I got a spray tan at the Sun Club in Washington PA. They have a salon in Bridgeville PA. The have a person spray you and it's not a machine that does it. It was perfect! I had it done for a friends wedding!
  • I heard spray tans run leave streaks. Is this true? Was thinking about spray tanning but with it being summer and sweating I don't wanna streak or turn orange.
  • scimonev - I've heard that if you let it set properly and have it done at a quailty place, it will be fine. I think they are better now than they were a few years ago! I am very fair (and my fiance is pretttyyy dark) and tanning beds make me claustrophobic/I don't want to get cancer so I thought about doing a trial run with spray tanning just to see how it goes!
  • I've gotten about 5 spray tans from Anytime Tan (all over the city - I went to Wexford and Cranberry) and they turned out perfect. They usually have living social or groupon deals for them.
  • I got THE BEST spray tan ever at Body Bar in Cranberry.  They use "Fantasy Tan" product & apparently (I've also heard from others) that it was spotless for them too & they went to salons in other states.   
  • Bronze Body Mobile

    I was in a wedding last November and they came to the MOB's house and sprayed the wedding party.  It looked very natural and everyone was extremely happy- Not orange at all.  They were very professional and it was fun to have it all done together!

    It's in Upper St Clair
  • I love Hollywood Tans, I get all my spray tans there, plus its not very expensive. 
  • I know some people who got a spray tan at LA Tanning at the pittsburgh mills, and they looked so good.  I've never had one because I'm terrified of turning out like Ross on that one episode of Friends, but I'm probably going to go there to try it out for my friend's wedding in November.

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