Non-Traditional Wedding Shower Ideas

Hi everyone. I'm the maid of honour for a wedding in which the bride has to move for a job shortly after the wedding, and the groom will not be able to relocate immediately. They don't have a large living space and will soon be living in separate places (countries) until the groom is able to relocate as well. I would like to throw some type of wedding shower for the bride, but to ask people to bring "traditional" gifts is impractical since they either have to be moved to another country or boxed up and stored for future use. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could still throw a shower? I was thinking of asking about donations towards a flight for either of them to visit the other but asking for money seems tacky. Does anyone have experience in this area, or was in a similar situation and know what they would have appreciated for a shower? Thanks!

Re: Non-Traditional Wedding Shower Ideas

  • I've heard of a shower where everyone shared their favourite memory of time spent with the bride (had it written on an index card, and then read it out loud with everyone during the shower). Those index cards were then put in a scrapbook for the bride to keep. You could also have the guests write down words of wisdom for the bride, or do a recipe shower.

     If the couple will still be living in the same country you could also encourage guests to bring a gift card instead of a gift, either gift cards to a store that the couple wants to go to, to stock their house once they are in the same location, or gift cards for them to do activities together.

    Another idea is to ask some more of the vocal guests to spread the word that because the bride and groom will be relocating, they would appreciate things that are easy to pack. Also if they only register for a small amount of items most people will be more likely to give cash.

    Hope these ideas help :)


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