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Hey everyone!

So, my venue is booked and now its on to finding the perfect videographer and photographer. i dont necessarily need them to be from the same company, but its important that they can work together. I need some advice though. Since I am from Michigan, I am not familiar with the pricing in the Tampa/Clearwater beach area. I have no clue whats average or whats way over priced. I do have a look and feel that I want and definitely want a documentary style video complete with 2 videographers, all day including prep and reception. I am thinking around 10 hours. Most of the pricing I see is only for 6 so I am not sure if my quote is good. I found a place that has a package for 2500.00...yes that is expensive but they also go all the way up to 4500.00. This package for 2500.00 includes 2 videographers with 3 camera coverage..prep/groom prep/pre ceremony/ceremony/photoshoot and reception. Its documentary style and includes a 3-4 minute highlight video with 3 dvd's or blue rays. They said that on average for this package I can expect to get about 1-1.5 hours of video footage after editing which is good for me. I have no use for raw footage and there actually is a price to receive it. This is for up to 10 hours.

Now, I am a digital designer myself and have dabbled a little bit in video and video editing and i KNOW that its a load of work compiling all the footage and making the edits for a great video. I am not looking to be cheap at all for these video "artists" I am simply looking for price averages so that I know I am not getting ripped off for the services.

The place also offers photography packages that seemed pretty average for the area...2100, 10 hours, 2 photographers, no limit to pictures, fully edited and i get full license which was important for me.

If anyone in the same area can shed some light that would be great. The ceremony and reception are in the same place at a resort in Clear water Beach. I really dont want these items to break my bank, but both are so important to me as a designer myself. Whats the averages? What have you paid? And of course, even though I have scoured vendors, any recommendations would be appreciated. Looking for artistic style in both video and photo.

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