Centerpieces and Bouquets- Same or Different?

I am currently figuring out my DIY flowers, and was curious- if you had flowers for your bouquets and for your centerpieces, did you use the same kinds of flowers or totally different, or mixed? 

For instance, I am having deep red sunflowers in the bouquets (with other smaller flowers/greenery), and was thinking about having one in each container with other flowers, but haven't decided how to mix things up yet. What have all of you done in the past or plan to do? Just curious :).
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Re: Centerpieces and Bouquets- Same or Different?

  • I'm doing wild flowers for everything - my bouquet, BM bouquets, boutonnières, corsages and arrangements. We are doing it this way to add continuity between ceremony and reception. Also it's saving us money when the BMs can plunk their bouquets into vases at the reception and we don't need to buy those 4 additional centerpieces.

  • We are keeping continuity as well by using the same types of flowers in both the ceremony flowers & centerpieces.
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