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Bachelorette party

Hey ladies! I've been married for a few years, and was pregnancy for my bachelorette party, so we just went out for a nice dinner. Well, I was just asked to be the MOH for my best friends wedding, and I just wanted to start planning a bachelorette party. I'm starting early so I can buy stuff as the year goes by, so it's not a rush at the end since I'm also expecting number two at the end of this year. So... Tell me what you loved, and what you hated and wished wouldn't have been done. And what you would have loved to have been done. It'll be at the beginning of June next year. So warm, and in the Midwest, may be crappy weather. Thanks ladies!!! Oh, pics would be fun to see too!

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Re: Bachelorette party

  • We just went out for dinner and drinks and hung out at my house. It wasn't fancy at all, but I was very glad I got to spend time with my friends. It was perfect for us.
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  • I was glad they respected my desire not to have strippers.  I, personally, find them disgusting and didn't want to have anything to do with them.  Ask your friend if there's something she REALLY wants or REALLY doesn't want - and follow her lead.  Some people insist it's not a bachelorette party without naked men, but not everyone likes/wants that.

    I'm also happy that we had a small group.  I don't do well in crowds and everyone in the group knew that.  We kept it pretty low key.  I wanted to do something unique, rather than the usual bachelorette bar-hopping.  We had a destination wedding in Savannah, Ga. so they booked a haunted hearse tour and we went out for dinner and drinks at a dessert bar afterwards.  I didn't have to do any silly things like asking random strangers to suck a piece of a candy necklace off my neck or anything like that, and I'm grateful.  They kept it low-key and more like a night of just hanging out.  I really liked that.
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    We went to a spa for a few hours, then to dinner at Dick's Last Resort, and then to a dueling piano bar. I had a blast all night. 

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  • I havn't had mine yet, but I planned my best friends last summer and it was a HUGE hit with her and everyone invited.

    First I asked her what she wanted to give me some direction. Now she is such an awesome person she has a million friends so I had to figure out a big group outting.

    We decided to do a weekend at Cape Cod (we live in Central MA - but the group was from all over MA). I picked my friend up Friday around noon and headed to the cape. We checked in at the suite and met up wit her sister and friend at the beach. After the beach we headed back to get ready to go out to P-Town that night and the remaining girls met up at that point (so 8 the first night). We went to P Town and walked around and ended up going to a hilarious drag show called "Diva's in 3D" It was aweome! (for those that are not familiar with Provincetown - its on the very tip of the cape and is very gay friendly - which was fantasitc for a B Party so we could all go out and have fun without guy hitting on us!).

    The next morning the remaining 10 girls met up with us - Yes 18 girls in total. We went to the beach for the day, came back and then got ready to go out to a beach bar. We all wore tie dye and it was great we all matched, and everyone looked unique at the same time!

    For the 2nd night I booked 2 more rooms for everyone else. I told everyone that it was $50 per pereson per night. That came with a place to stay, breakfast for each morning and dinner the Saturday night.

    There are so many details that go with this, but I doubt you all feel like reading a novel today!


  • kipnuskipnus
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    We went out for dinner, then to a private chocolate tasting (paired with wine, of course!), and then to a bar for more drinking and dancing. It was perfect! I think your friend's personality and likes/dislikes are much more important than the opinions of internet strangers, but I hope you've gotten a few ideas from this thread.
  • I loved that it was a small party with just my closest friends so I wasn't embarrassed (or shy, because I tend to be. But I was actually disappointed that there wasn't a stripper/we didn't see any male dancers. My BP had spoken to me about it, but eventually decided not to do it because one bridesmaid had made a pact with her boyfriend not to every look at strippers. (She wouldn't even watch a clip from Magic Mike). I know it's silly and a little selfish, but it still kind of bummed me out.

    Other than that though, I had a great time just hanging out and relaxing.

    I'd say just pay attention to what your friend likes, and don't be afraid to ask her what she would like.
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  • Bachelorette party dare cards!  If your friend is a fun-loving free spirit it will really start the party and fun.  Just things like "compliment the ugliest guy in the room" or "get someone to buy you a shot".
  • We just threw my friends and got a suite in a hotel that we decorated and set up with snacks and drinks (complete with penis shaped ice cubes).  The MOH insisted on a stripper so we had one come to the room b/c the bride thinks the clubs are skeevy but was OK with them coming to her.  After that we went bar hopping a bit and came back and crashed, then went to the hotel pool the next day.

    Like PP said, it totally should depend on her taste and what you think she'd enjoy!
  • I think you need to plan knowing your brides personality, and I don't think there is anything wrong with asking her if there is anything special she would like to do or not do. I just wanted a relaxing evening with my friends so we did a girls night in. We rented Magic Mike (it had just become available for rental), each person brought their favorite bottle of wine & a snack to share and we had an at home wine tasting party. It was fun, worked well in everyone's budget.
  • I went to New Orleans - best place ever!! 

    But for the non-raunchy tastes...we did belly dancing class and a nice fancy dinner in NYC

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