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Happy Monday!

Howdy Everyone!

My first full week back at work after the wedding trip starts today and it's going to be a busy one! Hopefully that means the week will fly by!
It feels so great to not have any urgent decisions, purchases or tasks to take care of! Our next big thing will be planning the AHR but we are waiting to see when SIL is having her wedding (originally they were saying July, but now it looks like they may delay and I don't want to plan any more stuff for us until I know for sure when they will go so that no one has to redo plans or move dates). 

Instead I guess I will just research possible honeymoon trips for later this year and get back on the wagon for working out so I can look good in a bikini on that trip. lol

Oh and facebook stalking my photographer for my sneak peek pics that should be showing up this week sometime!

What's everyone else up to this week?

Re: Happy Monday!

  • I am up to working and on Thursday or Friday Pete is taking me to buy a ukulele.  I actually can not wait for it.  I have been wanting one for a few years and since I have no place to paint I need something else to take up my time.  

    Also YAY facebook stalking, I know I was doing that for the engagement photos!  
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  • Trying to tie up some things at work so we can take our dive vacation/wedding planning trip/site visit next week. :
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  • Ooo Dive Vacation - jealous!!!
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