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I Said Yes to the Dress.....BUT..... now Buyer's Remorse kicking in ... (Pics attached)

Ladies, I need your help. I went to Bride's Against Breast Cancer yesterday, and absolutely fell in love with a dress I tried on there.... After much debate and second-guessing and worrying that the moment would never happen again... I bought the dress!!! My wedding is over a year away. Was not intending to buy, just going to look (first mistake)... This is the 3rd time I have tried on dresses, was just trying to get an idea of styles I liked, and this is the only time that I felt like a bride.....

After getting home, and doing much research on the dress and silhouettes, it seems like this style is not meant for my body type... :-(....... I have lost 23lbs thus far, and still want to lose another 30 or so.... the dress is a size 26.... I'm a street size 22... it's already big, but if I lose another 30 lbs I'm afraid it'll be like remaking the darn dress. Got it for a decent price, but of course after researching, I see it cheaper but of course not in plus size..... I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!!

So, I am attaching pictures and really need honest feedback......

1. Does it fit me my body type as well as I think it does?

2. With all of the detailing, should I not lose anymore weight, or continuing losing, and then run the risk of not being able to wear the dress because alterations will be more than i paid for the dress?

3. Am I over-reacting or over-analyzing (which is quite possible)?

4. Should I try to sell this dress, and start from scratch?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE offer feedback............

Here we go......Pics attached! 


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Re: I Said Yes to the Dress.....BUT..... now Buyer's Remorse kicking in ... (Pics attached)

  • You look great!  I also read that trumpets wouldn't fit my body type but the one dress I tried on at Demetrios that I liked was a trumpet.  I think it depends on where it hits on your body.  There was another I had tried on before the last one that was a no.  (That's a trumpet, right? lol)  My salesperson put a belt on mine that helped define my waist more.  Maybe try that?
  • I think it is beautiful.  I wouldn't stop trying to lose weight for a dress though.  If you aren't sure about it then keep shopping.  I went ahead and bought a dress with a year and a half to go and just plan on altering my dress when the date gets closer - hopefully I will have to take it in a lot!


    I'm so glad you had luck -  I went to the BABC trunk show and they had lots of racks of small sizes but only one rack of plus sizes and nothing in my budget or the style I wanted.. I was very disappointed.

  • I think you look great! Pay more attention to how you feel in the dress rather than what something/someone else says fits your body type.


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  • I don't know what it means that it wasn't "meant" to fit your body type. It clearly does. 

    If you lose a LOT of weight, you will have some alterations issues, but that will depend on how much weight you lose and where you lose it.  Parts of the dress has more detail than other parts, so, it will depend.  If you lose it in your belly, your hips, your chest, etc.  You can't really predict on what part of your body the weight will come off first, so we can't really say how bad the alterations process will be. 

  • Thank you ladies for the feedback.... I absolutely love the dress, and not real concerned about what others think, but I guess a little bit of my own self-consiousness is worried about it looking good on me.....

    Yes, the beading is really intricate in some areas.... I don't think I'll have many problems with the sides or bust area... My area of most concern is the length because of all the detail around the bottom.... :-( .......

    I am still listening for feedback, but I guess the bottom line, is that I have to wait to see how much I lose by like January, and then worry about it then... For now, I will proceed as if I have found my dress!!! :-)


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  • Ignore what you have read and concentrate on how you feel in the dress.  IMO you look gorgeous in it. If you want to put your mind at ease, make an appointment with a seamstress for a consultation.  She will be able to tell you what concerns you may have with alterations and what detail you may have to give up. Good luck!
  • @ kennede...... Duh??? Why didn't i think of that... I was thinking about just waiting until later, but I guess they don't charge me to look, right??/ LOL... i need a vaction from wedding planning! And thank you for the compliment!
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  • @zgenous it is easy for all of us to panic from time-to-time.  I am famous for overthinking and having doubts, but I have learned to listen to my gut instinct.  Good luck and try to stay zen and enjoy the experience.


  • you look amazing! i suggest talking to a seamstress too. You'd be surprised. In the end it is up to you and how the dress makes you feel, don't let anyone tell you different :)
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