Different centerpieces for wedding tables

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There are so many beautiful wedding centerpieces that we can't decide on the ONE. Is it tacky to have a different centerpiece for all the tables? We will have 13 tables. All will have the same table setting & folded napkins. We would stay in the theme of beautiful, elegant, tall, magical, sparkling. Is it tacky, cheesy or can it be pulled off? Please be kind, I have never done anything like this before. I just want my daughter to have an amazing day. 

Re: Different centerpieces for wedding tables

  • I think you can have different ones, so long as they all somehow tie in together.  For example, maybe they have the same colour ribbon around the vases to tie in with the colour scheme, or same type of flowers in the vase but have different vases.  I think that would be fine.  :)

    At just keep in mind that at the end of the day, all people will remember is the food and the music.
  • Like Jewel224 said, Have a colour that flows with/amongst the colour scheme.  I can visualize the sample floral arrangements with different vases. That could draw some interest as people notice the difference, but that could be a nice convo starter d:. Same goes with different floral sets with one or two different vases perhaps. 

    Or you can have 2 different flower arrangements and 2 different vases spread out among the 13 tables. With the main table having the best of the bunch d: and I don't think it's too tacky. 

    Just have fun, though keeping with the theme of course d:
  • I think you should do whatever you want because it is your wedding! :) We are also doing different centerpieces but as Jewel said, all people remember is the music, the food and that you had an amazing day! 
  • Lots of people do different centerpieces and alternate with tables, and it looks great.  I like having them all tie in with one identical element - that will really help it look pretty.

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