Wedding Cake Milwaukee/Waukesha

Does anyone have any recommendations for a cake provider in the Waukesha or Milwaukee area?  A lot of people have recommended Simma's and one person mentioned The Extra Special Touch bakery.  Does anyone have any experience with these or have other recommendations?

Re: Wedding Cake Milwaukee/Waukesha

  • Aggie's Cakes and Bakery in Bay View. Super reasonable pricing and DELICIOUS!
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  • Buttercream Bakery in Waukesha on St. Paul. I do not like cake and their cake is the only cake that I actually enjoy eating.
  • Simma's cheesecake is AMAZING!  I've heard good things about Brookfield Wedding Cakes too, but never personally tried theirs.
  • I went with National Bakery-we are getting a smaller cake to display/cut, and sheet cakes. Total is $260 for 150 ppl. We personally thougth Aggies was a bit dry. National Bakery was delish, but was our opinion.
  • Miss Molly's is fabulous. She's the pastry chef at Braise.

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