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Worst wedding food you've had


Re: Worst wedding food you've had

  • Soggy, soupy Eggplant Parmesan. It was like a plate of tomato soup with eggplant and some cheese.
  • My FI attended a wedding where the bride and groom bought and served Pizza Hut macaroni pasta, right out of the Pizza Hut tins. Nothing else.

    Hahaha I was joking with my fiance the other day that our reception would be cheaper if we just had it at the Pizza Hut buffet! ...I do love their pasta though
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    My FI went to what his family refers to as "the most redneck wedding you'll ever see".  It sounds like it was a shitstorm.

    Anyway, their food was a buffet of sketchy looking foods.  The worst part of that is that the guests were all getting their food with their HANDS.  Even stuff like mac n' cheese, they reached into the pan and plopped it on their plate.  Apparently the majority of the people were doing this.  Let's just say that my FI and his family left before eating, and went to eat at McDonalds.

    I'd die before I ate with people who ate with their hands. That's so disgusting.

    Retread, all I can think of is like a pepto bismol

    Addie, I don't even know what brisket is. It's something they talk about on BBT to me.

    Linger, the potluck weddings I went to (including the one this weekend) have actually all had decent food offered. Sometimes potlucks in general throw me off because I've seen people do stuff like lick the batter spoon and stick it back in when cooking at their home and I think of that

    worst- a plate of summer squash with a few pieces of pasta in it. I USED to be a vegetarian. I WAS NOT at the time of this wedding. The bride changed my reply for some reason to the vegan dish because she thought I'd like it better. Everyone else got chicken (which I liked just fine) and a cool rosti potato and veggies and I got unseasoned, unsauced, nothingness.

    I also had a wedding that I went to where I left to the rest room, got back, and they had taken my meal. It wasn't even half gone. I wasn't done.

    You'll never be subject to a cash bar, gap, potluck wedding, or b-list if you marry a Muppet Overlord.
  • My FBIL and his ex wife had horrible food at their vow renewal. Chicken on the bone - which sorry to sound snobby, I personally hate. It was also cold, and had soggy over-peppered skin. Roast beef that was extremely dry and had no flavor. I think even their mashed potatoes were sub par and I love mashed potatoes.

    But this is the same gem who had me pay for my own hair when she mandated it and originally promised to pay for it, gave out exactly 5 m&ms in a little basket for favors, and also promised to "pay" for my alterations but ended up having me "pay" for them to the seamstress in tuna recipes. 

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    @Angus, I don't think a dislike of chicken on the bone sounds snobby. My FI likes bone in ribs, bone in wings, and the like. I physically cannot bring myself to eat meat on the bone, I must cut the bone out. The fact that it was cold and soggy, plus dry roast beef makes it even worse.

    Clarification note as to why I can't do bone in meat- my Dad did private autopsies for 15 years before retirement. I went on several. While some of it was interesting, I could not look at meat for a week after each occasion (and I am a die hard carnivore). To date, I cannot look at a rack of short ribs without seeing a human ribcage removed and sitting next to a body. I have only recently begun ordering steaks that weren't "well done/burn the crap out of it."  This explanation went over really well with FSMIL's Dad when he was in town and giving me a hard time about quietly cutting my meat away from the bone. FSMIL had to leave the room- she was laughing so hard at the look on her Dad's face that she nearly peed herself.

  • Worst food ever....all the grilled food (chicken, steak, pork loin) tasted like lighter fluid.  Ugh.  All I ate was a dinner roll and salad.
  • The food at the most recent wedding I attended was really good but overly salted.  However, I was starving and half-drunk, so I ate it all.

    I don't remember if I liked the food from the first wedding I was a bridesmaid in, but I remember that it was a small tray of veggies and then a small plate of mini-sandwiches with pimento cheese spread.  (It was a VERY low key affair.)  What really made me mad though is that we were at the church ALL DAY from around 10am without a lunch.  I ended up calling my mom to bring the bridal party food.  I offered to pay, but she ended up paying for the lunch - and she wasn't even invited to the wedding!!!  (Invitations were sent out via Facebook....)
  • I'm surprised the facebook invite is as common as it is. 

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  • Hands down it was the bad vegans who saw fit to serve us entrees with little to no stuff that could fill you up and yet they managed real whipped cream.... Oh and we had to wait over an hour after a very dull service standing up in a lobby with nothing to tide us over but iced tea and water. We did not eat until about 8:30. Needless to say we left the wedding starving and went to Wendy's afterwords for burgers...
  • Recently went to a potluck wedding. People brought food, put it on the table, and an hour later when the wedding was done we got to feast on cold, random foods. I can't think of one thing I ate that tasted good. Cold enchiladas with cold chinese fried rice, with cold pizza. No main dishes, people brought appetizers, salads, or a dessert. I got sick later that night.

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  • I think the worst was meat loaf, and pot roast. I don't know why they served it, but they were completely horrid. The meatloaf was over cooked on top, and extremely pink in the middle. The pot roast was really dry. There was mashed potatoes that tasted like insta-spuds that had no water in them. It was just absolutely horrid. 
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