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Happy wedding week

Any of my fellow June 29th brides out there? FIVE DAYS!

Re: Happy wedding week

  • Happy Wedding Week!  Enjoy every moment!

  • Yay! June 29th bride as well ;)

    Last June brides to wed :)

    I'm surprisingly not stressed...

    Marrying my best friend, 20 years old, marathon running,working 30 hours a week and getting a BA in psychology. Sounds like life!
  • Congrats Ladies! We have finally made it!
  • Yes June 29th as well here:) 4 days to go:) the nerves are kicking in but trying to be calm... I hope I do not see or talk to mother in law until wedding well be good uggg. Otherwise very excited:) Yeah Ladies Hope we all have a great day:)
  • I have nerves too...not about marrying FI, but about all the arrangements. I keep triple checking everything just to calm myself. :)

  • June 29th over here!!  Definitely a little nervous - we're signing the pre-nup today which makes everything feel much more "real" (if that makes sense).

    Congratulations to you all!!!

  • June 30th over here! I am not nervous just excited!!


    congrats everyone!

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  • Ahh girls! We are down to just the final couple of days! I can't sleep, I'm like a kid the night before Christmas and its only Wednesday! I can't imagine what Thursday and Friday night are gonna bring! :) should be soooo good!
  • Happy wedding week ladies!! Enjoy every second, it really does go by in the blink of an eye and don't stress the small stuff in these last days, just enjoy it all ♥
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