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    The reception isn't a party for the bride and groom it is FOR THE GUESTS, so doing "what the bride and groom want" isn't really relevant.
    According to that logic, if the guests want them to do something else they find gross or rude, they have to do it, which no couple will ever agree to do.  So I think that totally brushing off whatever the couple wants as "isn't really irrelevant" doesn't fly because it definitely IS relevant.

     There does have to be some balance between what the couple wants and what the guests want, but neither side can have it all their own way.  The couple can't be expected to totally sacrifice their own wants and needs to satisfy the guests any more than the guests can expect their needs to be neglected by the couple.
  • I've actually been to a wedding reception where karaoke was the entertainment. What a nightmare. Imagine a bunch of drunk guys singing Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" like they're at Madison Square Garden. Nobody else wanted to participate because they were all sane, and nobody wanted to dance to Aunt Bessy singing "I like that old time rock and roll" over and over again because she didn't know the lyrics to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" and didn't want to wear her bi-focals to read the screen because they made her look old.
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