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With apologies to Newport Natives ...

I found this gem while searching for invitation wording, and now I know where some of the misguided ladies get their advice from:


Q Is it proper wedding etiquette to ask for money towards the honeymoon instead of presents from wedding guests?

A It is perfectly acceptable to ask for money to be used towards your wedding trip. Why not enclose a small card along with your wedding invitation with your address and words similar to these but inserting your own names: In lieu of a present, Susan and Donald would greatly appreciate a small check towards their wedding trip in Tahiti

Q How do I ask for money on bridal shower invitations?

A If you are a member of the bride or groom's family, it might seem tacky if you ask for money. However, if you are the matron of honor organizing the bridal shower and know that the bride needs money to cover her personal wedding expenses, you might say on the invitation: "In lieu of a present, a small check would be greatly appreciated".

Q How do you ask guests to give only monetary gifts, tactfully? We want to provide a money tree, box, etc. Already have my own household and don't need the normal gifts.

A Accompanying your wedding invitation you might include a small a card stating that "In lieu of a bridal registry, a small check would be greatly appreciated." You want checks because in the flurry of activity it is all too easy for money to disappear. Plus, with a check, if you lose the card at least you have the guest's name on their check so you know who to thank.

Q I am the sister of the bride and maid of honor. A friend of ours, groom's mom and myself are giving her a wedding shower with the three of us co-hosting. The bride is insisting on approving of our invitations, wording on invitations, and final approval of almost everything. What should we do?

A You need to remember that this is your sister's wedding and she is acting out her dream of how things should be. Cut your sister some slack and let her do whatever she wants to do.

To be honest, I almost thought these answers were a joke.

Re: With apologies to Newport Natives ...

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