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Need Color Help :)

I am getting married on November 2 in the Texas Hill Country. Right now I am thinking about having my bridesmaids in Alfred Angelo's Mediterrainian Blue (dress style 7016). I just don't know what colors to pair that with. I'm thinking ivory flowers with burgandy and lilac touches but I have no idea right now. Help please :)

Re: Need Color Help :)

  • I think ivory flowers would be fine, but I think I would pick either burgundy or lilac as an accent. Otherwise I think you would have too much color going on. I personally would lean towards the burgundy over lilac.


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  • I love that shade of blue. You could really go so many directions with that. Try looking at color palettes online, there are tons of style blogs and wedding blogs that pair things up for you.

    FWIW I had a really hard time choosing "colors". I think there is a lot of pressure to do so, but it isn't necessary. What do you need to pick that comes in colors? If you're just worried about flowers, many florists are artistic types who can help a ton (mine did!!)!

    Sorry if this double posts. On my phone.

    And I guess to answer your question, I'd lean lilac over burgundy. I love that blue with neutrals and pinks too. Man. It is a versatile color!

    Good luck!!

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