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Walking down the isle. That Moment. I found it.

Been looking and looking for the perfect song to walk with my dad down the isle to marry the love of my life. I found the song. "They Fell in Love."  Here is a video of  it, I love how they both stand at the top and wait for the violins to start. It's very moving. The music gives you time to hug your dad and for my love to shake my dad's hand. Ahhhhhh.  I saw the tears in the crowd. Those violins just move me and are going to move my guest as well. I downloaded it and it sounds AMAZING vs the video.  It's that perfect moment with the perfect music. here is the youtube video and where you can buy it.     I wish you all the best with finding the music for your day.  HUGS  Marie.

Re: Walking down the isle. That Moment. I found it.

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