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Card Info Question

We are getting ready to send out our invites with response cards.

Question is, do we send a extra little stuffer that gives hotel/airline website information?

We have the cards to do it, so no additional cost, and I thought it would be easier for the guest to have that in their hands, rather than have to hunt it down.


Re: Card Info Question

  • I made an insert card that had the prices for the hotel, travel agent information, airfare info. At the bottom of the card, I said something about the wedding website for more info. I think it was helpful to have. 
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  • We just had a card with our website info. That actually didn't work and we got a TON of calls - to which we told everyone to go to our website - and then we had to email them the website even though it was ON.THE.CARDS. lol
  • My insert had TA info, website details, and deposite price and due date.
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