Finding the right Venue

Hello All,

I'm planning on a winter wedding for this coming January and was hoping to find a good place for the reception in the Poconos region but have been having some trouble. We're trying to avoid any major resorts as that will be fairly expensive and won't allow for everything we're looking for. If anyone has any suggestions for places to look that'd be good for a winter wedding, I'd appreciate it. Below are the requirements that we want to meet at the least.

1. Allow us to cater
2. Allow us to have Alcohol
3. Large enough for 100 people, a dance floor, food, and a dj.

We managed to find one place that meets those requirements but it only has one bathroom. So far this has been our best lead but that bathroom thing can be an issue. I'd also be interested in hearing about any work a rounds regarding the one bathroom issue. Not quite sure how to handle that.
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