Winter Wedding...but avoiding typical, holiday flowers...

I am from NJ but did not contact my own local board since I'm sure there are also other cold places in the US. I will be having my wedding in Feb (at first this wasn't the plan but the venue is gorgeous at a great price) Anyway....I can settle on white type flowers but I was looking for more of pinkish/blueish hues. I initially wanted hydrangas but no longer think that is possible. Does anyone know of flowers that fall into a romantic category of white/pink/possibly blue-ish/gray colors? I just want to stay away from harsh dark reds and alot of greenery. In the end I guess I can always get flowers delivered by I would like to stay as money concious as I can. Estimating no more than $3k.

Re: Winter Wedding...but avoiding typical, holiday flowers...

  • Garden roses, ranuculus, anemones would be really pretty options. 

    Have you talked to a florist about options? I found it was very helpful to discuss what I wanted with them (I was kind of clueless). 
  • Thank you for your response! We haven't started yet because I'm gathering info on what shops to visit but soon we will start the process of looking around for a florist...I wasn't sure if this was the type of thing to kinda know about before hand. I will definitely talk with the shops when I'm getting estimates...I'm pretty clueless myself. :)
  • I worried about the exact same thing. I talked to three florists. They were each great at putting something together for me to look at. Just make sure you ask about flower costs.

    Just have couple pictures of stuff you like on hand. They should take it from there. Good luck!
  • Carnations and baby's breath are inexpensive and in larger quantities very pretty.
    photo composite_14153800476219.jpg
  • Those are pretty, thank you. :)
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