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I want to make sure I have this right so if i'm wrong please let me know.

For a couple I would Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
For a couple with kids I would Mr. and Mrs. John Doe and family or would I put The John Doe Family or what the heck would I put? lol

What would I put down for a single person bringing a guest?? John Doe and Guest? Jane Doe and Guest?

For a mom who's dating a guy but has a son with a different name then hers would I put Jane Doe, Jimmy Dane, and Guest? 

For a mom and then a son who has his plus 1 what would I put?

and what would i put for couples who live together but aren't married?

I'm hoping you guys can answer my questions. 

Re: Addressing Invites

  • oh and my rsvp cards are to either my email or our wedding website... do i still need to put those in a seperate envelope or no?
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    For a married couple with the same last name: Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, or Jane and John Doe

    Married couple with different last names OR unmarried couple who lives together: Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith

    For a single person bringing a guest, if they don't live together, the most correct thing to do is to send seperate invites to each of them, but otherwise "Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith" again.  Always put the name of the person you're inviting, unless it's a true plus one (i.e., you don't care who they bring, they can bring a random friend if they want).  In that case, you put "Ms. Jane Doe" on the outer envelope and "Ms. Jane Doe and Guest" on the inner, or maybe on the RSVP card if you don't have an inner envelope.

    For mom, son, and mom's date:

    "Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith," and on the next line, "Mr. Jimmy Dane."  Unless the son is over 18 or living on his own, in which case you send him a seperate invitation.

    For mom, son, and son's plus one, send one invitation to the mom ("Ms. Jane Doe") and a seperate one to the son and date ("Mr. Jimmy Dane and Ms. Sally Sparrow")

    Did I catch everything?


    ETA: I did miss one:  for a family with underage kids:

    "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe and family" on the outer envelope; on the inner, put"Jane and John Doe," on one line and "Jimmy, Julie, and Josh Doe" on the next line.  Or, if you're just having an outer envelope, put:

    Mr. and Mrs. John Doe / Jimmy, Julie, and Josh Doe / 123 Main Street / Anywhere USA

    Adult kids get their own invitation.

  • Agreed about the online RSVP's. I hate doing those. And they are notorious for screwing up guest lists. Honestly, I just think they're kind of odd for a wedding - stick the trusty mailed card.

    Married couples: You should really go by the couples' preference. I'll let someone more knowledgable than me give you the proper formats. But you could probably find them by going through older threads.

    Couples with kids: you address the couple on the first line, and then list the kids by name underneath. You have to specify who is invited (if you said the PDKH family, you'd technically be inviting my aunts and uncles too).

    Significant others are ALWAYS addressed by name on a invitation. Only write "and guest" for truly single invitees. If you are unsure of the name, call and ask.

    I'm assuming that the son with the SO is over 18. Everyone older than 18 should get their own invitation even if they still live at home.

    Living together SO couples:
    Ms. Mary Smith
    Mr. John Doe
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    Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

    Couple with kids:
    Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
    Amy and Tommy
    (Avoid using "and family", as "family" can be open to interpretation and may result in unwanted guests)

    Single person w/ guest (this is only for truly single people who you are giving a plus one to; otherwise, figure out the person's name):
    Mr. John Doe and Guest

    Mom w/ BF and kid:
    Ms. Jane Doe
    Mr. John Smith (BF)
    Tommy Jones (kid)

    Send the son with the plus one his own invitation; don't include him on his mom's invitation.

    Two unmarried people:
    Mr. John Doe
    Ms. Jane Smith
    (Separate lines, no "and" in between names)

  • What does SO mean?
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