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Opinions about Mellon Park and the Zoo

Hello all,

I am planning a Sept 2013 wedding - right now the plan to do the ceremony at Mellon Park and the reception at the Zoo's aquarium. I think we aim for about 140 guests or so.

Has anyone had experience in either of these venues? Any opinions to share?

 I have only reserved the park for 2 hours, which includes chair/possibly tent set up.  If anyone has does this before, does that sound like enough time?  I plan to have a short and sweet ceremony but don't want to be rushed.

The other concern I have is that I don't know if Mellon Park has a bathroom.  Center for Arts is right there but I was warned it's not a public restroom. Anyone know about that?  

Third question is if anyone had good experiences with and chair/tent rental spots.  Would like to do without a tent but want a backup in case it's rainy.



Re: Opinions about Mellon Park and the Zoo

  • Hi R, 

    I used to live near Mellon Park and go to there a lot for their Bach in the Park, for those events they didn't have a public restroom, it was only port-a-johns. That was also on Sunday mornings, however, and the Center for Art was closed at that time, and people were in picnic clothes. I would call ahead and ask them, because I doubt they would expect you in a wedding dress or your guests to use port-a-johns. 

    If it comes to it and there isn't a restroom where you're getting married (i'm assuming you're getting married in the "secret garden" part of the park) your guests can walk down that short hill and across the street, there is a public restroom in the playground side of Mellon Park, but I have a feeling for a special event like a wedding, the Center for Art will be nice about letting you use the restroom. 

    best of luck- you guys picked a beautiful spot to get married in! 
  • edited July 2013
    I had my wedding reception at the Aquarium about 2 years ago.  We had a great time, & even still have ppl who were at the wedding telling us how much fun they had & how great reception location was almost 2 yrs later! 

    We ultimately ended up having ~120 guests & it there was more than enough space for everyone.  We had a few tables on the upper balcony & had no complaints about people not being able to see what was going on down below.

    My H & I found all the people that we dealt with to be very friendly, helpful, and prompt with their responses. We liked that they set up & tore down everything. Everything we wanted was set up properly & when we picked up all of our things nothing was missing even though they had to handle all the things for 3 diff receptions that day.

     We were a little concerned about not being able to have a food tasting prior to the event, but since I had been to previous events there I had a good idea of the food quality.  In the end, the food turned out really good.

    My main advice would be to try not to compete with all the fish & end up overdecorating the space. We just chose to focus on the linens & centerpieces & let the rest of the space speak for itself.

    Hopefully all of this helps! :-)

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