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What would you do in this room?

Under 'Photo Gallery', pictures #6 and #8 show a room with round tables and black tablecloths.  I need suggestions!  How would you decorate this room?  I hate the black tablecloths!  What colors would look good here?  Could I do ivory?  Peach?  Rust?  Chocolate?  Gold?  Help me.  I can't figure out what to do to make this room really pop.

Suggestions tremendously welcomed!

Thank you!

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Re: What would you do in this room?

  •  It's a really pretty room. I think all of your color ideas would work here. I don't like the black table clothes either, at all! Definitely use fairy lights in the topiaries by the doors. If you are using it in the daytime, coral might be an option. I think red- a rich, warm red, would be a good accent color too.

     This might sound silly to you, but- I have an obsession with paint sample cards. You can get them free at Home Depot or Lowes, as many as you want, whenever you want. I have a whole craft drawer full, and I use them all the time. Go get some- get every shade of whatever colors you're considering- then take them into the room and see how they look. Compare them against pictures of just the chair, just the curtains, etc- it will help you out a lot!


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