NWR - I Got A Job!!!

Got a call this morning from the hospital and I got the job!  It's a communications operator (telephone/PBX), contingent, with no benefits.  It would be up to 80hrs per pay period (2 weeks), any shift but with shift premium.


Re: NWR - I Got A Job!!!

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    Congrats! I work at St. Johns which hospital did you get a job at?
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    I will be at Henry Ford Macomb - the former St.Joe's West.

    The last time I worked at a hospital was in 1989 at Royal Oak Beaumont in dietary.  We called it "Royal Joke" because of all the construction that was going on at the time.
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    I had to provide additional references - that was hard as I have only worked one job (for six months) in the last 23 years.  They didn't want friends, so I contacted the HR person to explain my situation.  I was able to use a police officer from Washington DC, the former regent from the DAR, and one of my former instructors at Macomb.

    Tomorrow is my "health evaluation" which includes blood, urine and TB - they will test for drugs and nicotine...
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    Just an update - I go for orientation at 1 Ford Place on Monday, and then on Tuesday I need to be there at 10am!
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