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Who did you take with you to go look at venues?

Did everyone go with the FI or did you take someone else (mom, sister, SIL, FMIL, MOH etc)?

Re: Who did you take with you to go look at venues?

  • Just me, my DH and my parents.  I wouldn't take an entourage.  In fact, I'd only take people who have a financial input into the decision.  Skip siblings, wedding party members, etc.
  • It was just myself and FI.  I agree with PP, only bring people who are paying or contributing in some way.

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  • I agree with PPs. My parents live 600+ miles away, so it was just FI and I on venue visits. My sister accompanied me to one that FI couldn't make.
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  • Some I went to alone just to check out the place, and the other I went to only with my FI.


  • I went with my mom and she is also paying. My FI is in the military so he was deployed at the time.
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  • kap05kap05 member
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    My fiance and my parents.
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  • Just the two of us as we're the ones paying for it.  If your parents or others are paying, you should include them, too.
  • DH and my parents went with me.  MIL came along to a few of them as well.
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    My sister and myself made millions of phone calls to find out general information over phone and get an idea of pricing and when they had availability. We did not give names or any personal information - just that we were interested and wanted to hear what they had to offer. That was good to get tons and tons of info, and then we could narrow some from that.

    I then went with my mom for the initial meetings to find out actual set prices for specific dates, room options, viewing, looking, which venues we liked, etc.  

    Then, we went back with FI and his mom for final decisions and comparisons. Fi actually had final say in date and choice, which I thought was nice. We had come up with a few options, and then let him choose what he liked best. It worked well.

    My father could care less and I don't think any siblings or bridal members wanted to be bothered. There is a lot of research that needs to be done first - I'd suggest have as few as people possible do the initial review and research, and then bring more in for the final decision. I know that if I included FI in visiting every venue, he would not have enjoyed it.  It depends on personalities and who is good at scouting vs. deciding...if that makes sense.
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  • We wound up checking out our venue during an open house.  My FI and I each brought our moms.
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  • LissyM83LissyM83 member
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    Him, myself, My parents, his parents (they don't have any girls, so I wanted to involve him in the wedding process). When my husband couldn't make an appt one day due to getting called into work last minute, he told me to keep the appt and bring my MOH (best friend and practically a sister) instead so she came once.
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  • Mostly it was always my mom, fi and myself. My sister came to a bunch and then both our families came to any tastings we went to. I took his parents with me when I went to sign the contract with the Women's Club of Glen Ridge since they didn't get to see it. 
  • Just my fiancé.
  • First time around I brought the entire world - Mom, Dad, Dad's gf, brother, and myself. Holy guacomole. Way too many peeps. And, too many people whose opinions I didn't need lol.

    The second time around, FI and I, mom, dad, and grandma. So, same number of people - but it was only people whose opinions "mattered" since they are contributing.

    However, both times were fun so I was glad to have a nice group with us!
  • We went by ourselves.
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  • agu101agu101 member
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    My mom and dad only came to the one venue they were really interested in, and a couple of open houses that some of the venues had (they were mostly interested in the free food- lol!).  For the most part, it was just FI and myself, and if we found something else we were really interested in then my parents said they'd go back for a 2nd look.  As PP have mentioned, when it comes to anything wedding-related, the less people involved the better.  This goes for dress shopping, BM dress shopping, cake tastings, food tastings, etc.  
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  • I brought my mom and my aunt (her sister, who is like a second mother to me almost) to most of the places. My fiance came to most of them with me, but not all. I made sure to especially bring him to the ones that I loved/knew I was going to love. When I narrowed it down to one, I brought my mom, my fiance, and his mother. 

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    I went by myself.  Once I decided on the location, I verbally ran it by DH.  When I told my mother I had selected a location she insisted on coming with me to sign the contract (which I found adorable because I'm a lawyer).  She also insisted that I bring FI who only came to keep the peace. 

    Dragging a bunch of people all over the place is waste of their time.  If your parents want to go that's one thing. 

  • Just the 2 of us until we narrowed it down. Then my parents came.
  • My parents, sister and FI for most of them.  I think there was one we looked at (that we ended up not choosing) that only my mom and my sister went to.  My family is pretty relaxed, though, so it wasn't an issue having that many people.
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