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Wedding Invitations/Seating cards

Hi there!

My name is Heather and I live in St. Louis, Missouri.  I am going to grad school for Art Conservation/Restoration soon in Los Angeles, and I need to earn some extra money for the expensive move!  I hope this isn't inappropriate to post here, but I am interested in taking on any jobs for addressing wedding invitations or writing seating cards, or what have you.  I have done it before and really enjoyed it! Plus I have plenty of time on my hands right now :) I can provide any information for anyone interest, and give samples of what I've done before.

I restore artwork for a living, so I have the hand skills!

Is it ok to post this "seeking work" type post here? If not, I completely understand and didn't mean to step on any rules the forum may have.  I figured a wedding focused forum would be safer in attracting the right clientele than posting an ad on craigslist.  Please direct me somewhere else if need be!


Thank you :)


Re: Wedding Invitations/Seating cards

  • It's not acceptable here to solicit work for yourself, sorry.
  • That's perfectly alright! Can you direct me to a more appropriate place? I don't happen to know anyone getting married right now, and this will only be temporary work for me - not warranting building a website, etc. 
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    Heather, you have to pay for advertising on The Knot. If you're serious about this, post on Craigslist. You can also make free websites on Weebly. 
  • Oh Thanks!

    I was hesitant about craigslist because you don't really know who's contacting you; it seemed safer going to an actual wedding forum.

    I will delete this thread no problem if I can figure it out (I've never posted on a forum before)! Or perhaps someone else takes threads down...

  • Don't worry about deleting it. 

    And just because someone is on a wedding forum doesn't mean they're any safer. You still don't know who you're contacting. You'd be better off picking up a seasonal summer job in STL than trying to advertise services for this small market. 
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