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Dress regret

Hi all.

I am looking for some advice. A couple days ago I went shopping with my mom and sisters and we ended up purchasing an allure dress. My mom cried and i cried. My entire bridal party loved the dress and agreed that it was so me. It was probably the 20th dress i tried on. The dress is beautiful and very flattering as well as an absolute steal, but I find myself second guessing everything about it. Maybe this is part my nature (I'm an indecisive person on stuff like this), but I don't know what to do. My wedding is 10.5 months away, and the dress we ordered will take six months to come in ( the sample was 4sizes too big). Should I relax and trust I made the right decision, or keep looking? I just don't feel happy with my decision right now.

My concerns about the dress are: is it too shiny? Do I look sophisticated or just pretty? Is there enough wow?

My fiancé and I are getting married at a historic estate if that helps set the tone.

I feel like I've lost all perspective of how I want to look and feel on my wedding day. Thanks for your thoughts.

Re: Dress regret

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  • I think your dress and you in it are beautiful.

    Do you live close to the store where you purchased it? It might help if you pop in there by yourself and put the sample on. It might give you a reminder that you made the right choice.


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  • Just relax. Everyone has that "OMG what did I do?!?" moment. It passes. Stop looking at dresses, and trust yourself and your family that they wouldn't let you pick something that wasn't worthy of you and your wedding day. 

    It's beautiful! If you can't trust your family, trust internet strangers. Lol. 
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  • Stop looking! You'll make yourself sick. There will ALWAYS be pretty and fabulous dresses out there - that doesn't mean the one you got wasn't pretty and fabulous. Honestly, I don't really believe in "the one" when it comes to wedding gowns. You just need a dress that you feel fabulous and beautiful in. Dress regret is very common - I think almost every lady on here can tell you they had freak out moments over their dress. 

    Ok, now for your dress. I think you look absolutely stunning! If you were going for sophistication and elegance, I think you hit the nail firmly on the head. The way the fabric falls is gorgeous and the deep open V-neck is very dramatic. And the dress makes your waist look incredibly tiny. You look fantastic. I think it's perfect for an estate wedding. 

    Honestly, I freaked out about my dress purchase until I saw it on me in the correct size. It's hard to get a feel for the dress when it doesn't fit you properly (especially at 4 sizes too big!). Just wait until you've seen it when it fits you properly - trust me, it will feel completely different.
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    I agree with PDKH.  You are gorgeous in the gown and it fits the feel of your wedding perfectly.  Going back to the store and trying it on with the veil and accessories is a great idea.  I "visited" my gown several times during the 8 months it took to come in.  

    Don't worry.  You have found the perfect gown and look stunning.  
  • All I have to add is that you look STUNNING in that dress!  It's absolutely gorgeous and I think you made a great choice!
  • You made the right choice, it is a beautiful gown and will fit the "look" of your wedding perfectly. I just picked up my gown after 5 months of waiting and fell in love with it all over again. Just put it in the back of your mind and focus on other aspects of your wedding ( :
  • I think you look awesome in that dress!  I also think that the shape of the dress is very sophisticated, moreso than a huge dress.
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  • I agree with everyone else - you look stunning in your dress! Dress regret seems to be common, so just try to go see the dress again to ease your mind. Remind yourself of all the things you love about your dress.

    I had dress regret and ended up buying a second dress - which is THE dress. But I tried on 80-100 gowns, so I got to the point where I confused myself. The second dress I bought was the 2nd dress I ever tried on - so I should have stopped looking and should have bought that one to begin with. Plus the 1st dress I bought didn't end up giving me the proper support (I'm top heavy) so it made me uncomfortable once I had it in my size.

    It looks gorgeous, if it fits your vision and you feel comfortable/beautiful in it - don't look at other dresses. But do go try it on again with a veil and accessories.

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  • Thanks so much fellow knotties! You really know how to boost a girl's self esteem. I am feeling much better about the decision and starting to get an idea of how everything will look on the day. I think its sometimes easier to reassured by strangers than family and know there are other brides who have experienced similar feelings. It is the dress and I am going relax and enjoy focusing on planning other aspects of the wedding. At least I know that I found the right groom, which is the most important thing about the day. Thanks again to this community for helping a fellow bride overcome a dress freak out!
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  • I would say that's a "WOW" dress!

  • You look smashing in the dress!!!  I know how you feel about 2nd thoughts though.  My big day is August 2nd and I've had 2nd thoughts about my dress for months but I've stopped looking.  It's my dress and I'm gonna wear it.
  • Best wishes for a happy day, Fernella! As someone much wiser than I said, its the bride who makes the dress, not the dress who makes the bride. 
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