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WTF Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Ladies!

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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • Mine is mostly a joking one: WTF photographers. I want to see a sneak peek and I've been facebook stalking you for a week with no updates. Just because I know you had weddings almost every day since MY wedding doesn't mean that you can't take an hour out of your time and post a couple of pics. Ahhhhh - I can't wait. I'm seriously addicted to checking their facebook page (where they post the peeks) and there haven't been updates in a few days. My family took only a very, very few pictures and not a lot of them are that great (mostly due to bad shot framing or weird lighting) and I want to see some pro pics.i'm going crazy
  • Good luck with the photos! I hope you see some soon!

    Mine is directed inward. WTF me? Why can't I make up my mind about anything? At all. I'm between two dresses, two venues, two ceremony sites, two very different color schemes, a first look so I can get the pictures I want vs. a walk down the aisle so I can get the tears that I want. 

    The fact that I chose the right man is pretty much the only decision I have actually made. I know it's the most important one, but still. Get a grip, me!!
  • Don't worry! I think it takes a little bit to get in the decision mind set. I was the same as you until I made the first decision or two -- then it got easier and easier to make choices.
  • Thanks! I'm really close to choosing a venue. I think I just have to figure out how important pictures in the city are vs. how opposed I am to the idea of a first look, and then I'll have most of the other stuff fall in line.
  • Don't worry you will make a decision soon.  When you have an idea in your head its hard to make a decision when you can not see them in person.  

    Sara I understand I would be going crazy too!

    My WTF is with my job.  We told people including the girl we only hired for the summer you can't take a lot of time off because someone is on maternity leave.  So far the one woman has started her TWO week vacation, and she took off every weekend in july and the first weekend in August,  Now that same woman is taking another week off in August the week our summer hire goes back to college.  That only leaves two of us to work and my coworker is finishing up a summer class so she wont be around Monday through Thursday from 8-12.  Then our summer hire took of almost all of may, a week in June, and now a week in August.  It is really annoying over all we do not have a enough people to work and my boss just can not say no to people.  
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  • WTF!!! I missed this post yesterday because work has been so EFFING crazy this entire week!!!! Plus I had a freaking 2.5 hour commute home b/c of messed up trains so after leaving work LATE I got home even later and was too tired to even crack open the bottle of wine I needed to unwind after the week I've been having!

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