Need shuttle for guests- Help!

Ok, so it has been FI's job to book shuttle for our guests from downtown New Haven hotel to our venue at Lighthouse Point. We are now 5 weeks out and still have no shuttle booked, so I've taken it into my own hands. My dad is weirdly very against the idea of a school bus, but I can't seem to get a person on the line anywhere for quotes on other options. If anyone has a company to suggest or pricing info I would be very grateful- panicking!

Re: Need shuttle for guests- Help!

  • We are using DATTCO for shuttling our guests from our hotel to our reception.  They were the best price for 6 hours (what we needed it for) and it's an activity bus which is more comfortable then a school bus and holds 46 people with unlimited pick ups during that time.  Nice thing is you only pay from the minute the first person gets on at the hotel until the first person steps on the bus to go back (not time it gets back to the hotel).  

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  • I just went to a wedding at Lighthouse Point in May and they used a trolley as a shuttle. It won't seat as many as a school bus, but it was super cute. I dont know what company they used, but if you google trolley rentals in CT, I bet you will find a few options. Good luck!
  • When I was looking at Lighthouse Point originally I looked this same thing up, and the prices ranged anywhere from like $350 - $700.... but the prices varied widely for a bus with air conditioning (which obviously you need), how many hours you'd need, etc... I think First Student was the cheapest, if that is helpful!
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  • I'm using First Student for my July 20 wedding!
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