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So, my dress has a tank bodice, meaning that, luckily, I don't have to worry about straps -- the dress itself lines up just right with bra straps, so no worries there. My question is, do I really need to go underwire? I'm not tiny, but I hate wearing them, and it seems to me the dress will have plenty of support built right in. I'd rather wear a more comfortable bra, to be frank. Yes, of course I'll talk to them at the salon, but I have to assume they're more interested in selling me something than making my life easier, so I'm wondering what other Knotties who aren't going strapless do. Thoughts?

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Re: Underwire?

  • Have you ever considered just have cups sewn into the dress?  This way you wouldn't have to wear any bra at all.  And you are right, wedding dresses do have a bit more construction on the inside so unless you have a pretty large chest you should stay in place and looking perky.

    Also, I would maybe look into a different seamstress then using DBs because I heard some horror stories about their alterations department and they tend to be way over priced.  I would take your dress to a reputable seamstress in your area and see what they say.

  • Good advice Maggie, yes. I've thought about cups, or I wondered, mostly, if I could just wear a nice cotton bra for a little more support, but nothing over the top. Honestly, the top of that dress is pretty stiff, I'm not going anywhere in it. :)

    Luckily, my dress needs very few alterations -- just a little take-up on the straps. I've heard those stories too unfortunately, which is part of why I didn't want to rely on their advice about undergarments. I will say the salesperson I've worked with at my store as been way way above and beyond wonderful every step of the way, so it's been a good experience with her thus far.

    Thanks for the tips!
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