HELPP...color and theme dilemma

Omg...ready for a major melt down! Need help!!! I am getting married in less than 4 months. My colors started out as orange and purple. My brides maids dresses are dark purple(regency) my accent color is orange(tangerine) can I work these colors into a fall wedding theme or no? I have everything already done in orange and purple only bc I wasn't going to have a theme for the wedding. After second guessing and redoing this and redoing that, I've come to the conclusion that I can not throw all this stuff out and start over. What do I do where do I start?????? Never have I been this stressed before! SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Re: HELPP...color and theme dilemma

  • I think dark purple and orange are some of the most common colors used in autumn themes so you'll be fine. Look at examples of fall weddings here on TK and look for examples in your colors. My friend did the same palette a few years ago and did wild flowers for bouquets and it turned out beautiful.

    Take a deep breath, you already have a fall color theme started!

  • I personally think you should stick with your colors. It will be beautiful for Fall!
  • I used both of those colors in my fall wedding last year. If you want, I can send you a few pictures of flowers and whatnot. They're beautiful together, and pull in some other colors too to balance them out. I used navy blue a lot since it is so close to a deep purple. 
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    Check out the website  <-- that's exactly how to type it in. There's or anything. But they have been a big help with color palates! Also, you can definitely work purple and orange into a fall wedding. Maybe focus on bringing in a few more fall-ish colors (ie: yellow, dark red, etc). Navy could work too, but upon looking up Regency, it might be a little too clashy. Look at different fall flowers to really make the colors pop (like above, but maybe add in some root beer roses and hypericum (berries) to balance out the bright tones). No worries though! Regency and tangerine look pretty darn fantastic for fall! :-)
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