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Engagement photo attire

I'm getting married in Cozumel, Mexico next year. We go to Cozumel every year to dive and get some beach time, and this year we are going next week for the long holiday weekend. While we are there, we have some wedding stuff to take care of like meeting the planner and checking out the venue (since we hadn't actually been to that restaurant before). We are also having engagement photos done. Figured it was a good way to try out their photographer and also get some pics for the save the date. But, I have no clue what to wear! Our wedding is formal, but I think our engagement pictures should be casual. My FI is wearing a white linen shirt and grey or tan shorts and flip flops. I have a royal blue jersey dress that he loves (it's a wedding color) and wants me to wear that, but I want something with more color as the picture will already be mostly white and blue because of the beach. Any ideas? I'm a short, bigger girl, and pear shaped.

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Re: Engagement photo attire

  • I LoVE this idea!!!  Go with something beachy like a high low dress or even an ankle length dress in a muted yellow or peachy color (to compliment your FI who will be wearing greys/tans).  You can do an outfit change and still wear the jersey...the blue in your dress will be totally different from the blue in the sky/water. :-)

    You have to come back and share pics with us!
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  • I agree with Nicole! That will be so fun having pics done there. Cant wait to see! Does your photographer charge for outfit changes? It'd b nice to wear the dress Fi likes as well as something beachy and cute! Really any color will be good with what fi is wearing and the amazing backdrop you will have :) Have a great trip!!
  • You could also do a flower in your hair or some other accessory to add some extra pop of color. I love the suggestions from the other girls too. And I agree - make sure you get back here pronto and show us the pics!!!
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