fabric and locket question

did anyone use fabric from a herloom dress to wrapp around your flowers? i want to use my late grandmothers lace from her dress wrapped around my flowers. did you have a semstress cut the fabric or did your florist do that. also did anyone have a picture attached in a mini glass frame on the flowers? did your florest provide that? i dont want a closed locket i want one thats open like a picture frame but in tiny size maybe heart or square 

Re: fabric and locket question

  • I'm using fabric from my deceased mom's wedding dress in my fabric bridal bouquet. I'm going to try applying a picture of her onto a brooch but if that doesn't work, I'll get a tiny picture frame from Micheal's and attach that with ribbon to the stem.
    No one will end up wearing her dress but to keep it from looking destroyed, I cut from the hem, the bottom and the underlining.
    I did it myself because I am cheap but also because I didn't know how I'd feel about someone else cutting it up. I'm sure that a florist or seamstress would have done it better but because it was for sentiment, not perfection, I'm happy with how it turned out. You could always buy the frame, ask your florist how long and wide they need the fabric to be and then give her those to attach to your bouquet.
  • If your florist is doing a hand wrapped bouquet with ribbon, you can simply take a small piece of lace from the dress and wrap it. I had a charm I purchased from Michael's or Joann's that had an opening for  a picture and tied that on with an offwhite ribbon. If you did that, the ribbon will hold the fabric in place.
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