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I'm getting married next year and i started planing but I'm stuck on wedding colors we are going with romantic /love theme and my fiancé whats red as a color what colors will look good with red but not make it look like valentines day

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  • Don't get too stuck on a theme. Weddings don't need one.

    What about burgundies, peaches, and creme colors? Or pale pink, gray, and white? I'd avoid doing a bright red and a bright pink.
  • Thanks that would look good im not to stuck on the theme i just want the colors to look great togather
  • Select your venue first and your colors may just decide themselves.
  • Im getting married at venuse de milo the room im using is light pink walls and the floor had dark red and gold but didnt know if i should match all the colors in the room or not
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    Consider a neutral color dress for the bridesmaids (navy, black, grey, champagne) and accent with pink or peach flowers and bouquet ribbons.
  • This is what the room looks like i couldn't get a pick of the room not all done up
  • I am a huge fan of aqua and red right now. 

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