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Wedding Officiant & Florist in Northern NJ

It's officially 100 days to our wedding day and we have 2 major vendors to book! YIKES! Looking for suggestions on Florists & Wedding Officiants in Northern NJ, any suggestions are welcome & appreciated! Happy Wedding planning everyone!

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Re: Wedding Officiant & Florist in Northern NJ

  • Where are you in NJ? Try Pink Dahlia for a florist. She is in Parsippany.
  • I met with Kim from Pink Dahlia.  She was great but 2k higher then the florist I went with.  (Santos in Newark)
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  • We're using Mitchell Maged as our officiant.  We met with a few, but Mitch was our favorite.
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  • Our officiant is Celia Milton.  Can't say enough good things about her! She's a little quirky, but we like that. She's a lot of fun and very "go with the flow."  She's also right in line with others as far as price goes.

  • FutureMrsN, I am so surprised to hear that about pricing! I have heard such wonderful things about her prices and the estimate I received is really reasonable. In fact, most people I know ended up going with her because they had gone elsewhere and then Kim's quote was significantly less.
  • Our officiant was Richard Cash and he was really great.

  • We're using Mitchell Maged for our officiant, too. We loved him. We're using Karma Flowers.
  • Yumilla from WEDDINGS AND EVENTS FLORAL DESIGN. She will work within your budget and make you mock bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Hey Brides to Be! Thanks so much. I've contacted Mitch (the Minister) and unfortunately he booked on our day and time. I will definitely be checking out the florists and other officiants that you selected!
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  •  Parsippany is right in my area. We are getting married in Montville.

    JerseyAKL said:
    Where are you in NJ? Try Pink Dahlia for a florist. She is in Parsippany.

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  • Look into Bella Fiori for flowers as well; she's located in Parsippany.
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  • We are also using Mitch for our officiant. That sucks that he is booked! He is great!
    For a florist I went with Avenue in Elizabeth but AW in Kearny also has great pricing or Santos.
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  • We used April Beer. She was awesome to work with.
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  • Thanks so much guys! I met with Pink Dahlia last week and loved her! Her suggestions and expertise really made me feel so comfortable, she was open to working within my budget, waiting on the quote but really hoping to work with her! I left feeling so inspired! Now hopefully I will find officiant soon and all major vendors will be booked!..
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  • I'm so glad you liked Kim at Pink Dahlia!! She's great!
  • Hi All, Just wanted to give an updated. We ended up booking with Pink Dahlia! She was just fantastic and totally understood what I was going for, and gave great suggestions where I needed it. We also booked our Officiant Rev. Gerry Appel, he was referred to us by Mitch the Minister (as he was booked that day). We met with Rev. Gerry and just knew he was the right one for us! 37 more days to go for me! YIKES!!!!!

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