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Confession Thursday

Hi girls! I can't believe it's Thursday already! Hopefully the weekend goes by a little more slowly...
You know the drill - confessions go here :-)
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Re: Confession Thursday

  • Today I confess that I'm a little annoyed with how busy work has been. There's no happy medium here - I'm either swamped or bored to tears. Gah!

    I also confess that I'm a little bummed that the remainder of our cash wedding presents will probably go towards paying a car repair. It's better than going on the credit card, right? ~sigh~
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  • I confess that I stayed out way to late at Summerfest last night and am now useless at work. I want to go home and I would but I have 2 meetings this afternoon that I really can't miss. ugh.
  • I confess, I don't really care where our guests stay for the wedding. I've wasted so much time on this lately it's just annoying. Yes, this is incredibly selfish and rude, but I really hate trying to plan 100 people's vacation! Choose your own resort/hotel! I can't make everyone happy, and I'm not staying there anyway. Ugh.

    But, of course, I will continue to check out resorts and consult with the travel agent, and make sure that everyone is aware of our top two picks.  The rest is up to them.
    "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness." -Friedrich Nietzsche, "On Reading and Writing"
  • Ugh!  Any way you can get in contact with a travel agent and have him/her do your research?  My TA got together several quotes from nearby resorts which I forwarded to my guests.  I can recommend the one my mother used and you can see if she's a fit for what you need.  Let me know!
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    Sure, feel free to pass along any info you have. What service is it? My TA is at Beach Bum, and she could only suggest 2 resorts, but she has been good about getting block room rates for a few other places. But, we aren't blocking off rooms, it's really not necessary and, again, I don't want to pick where everyone stays. I feel like I'm spending others' money because I'm choosing this expensive resort over the cheap one, or one far from town instead of in town, yadda, yadda, yadda. My wedding is one night, the rest of their trip, however long that is, is up to them. Hence why I had hoped they would just pick their own resort. Alas, that has not been the case. I need to pick one so they all know where to stay because none of them know the island. But I never stay at a resort, I have a condo down there!
    "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness." -Friedrich Nietzsche, "On Reading and Writing"
  • I used Beach Bum too however my guests felt the few resort recommendations were out of their budget.  My mother used a TA that my aunt/cousins use for most of their vacation bookings, Easy Escapes Travel.  You can email Cathy <[email protected]> with any questions.  Also, here is a link to their website:

    She was great to work with.

    If she doesn't work out, I am sure another TA would be able to help for researching and pricing of several resorts!  Don't despair! 
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  • You ladies just talked me into looking into a travel agent. Thanks! Not something I had thought of.

    I confess that I'm letting other peoples opinions get to me this week. I know it shouldn't stress me out, but it does! Worse still - it's the people we wouldn't want at our wedding in a million years, and they are all up in arms about the destination thing and how it's placing location above guests, bla bla bla... The fact is our guests (the ones we want there) like to travel, and they don't like to travel to LA. I think it's why we've finally decided against an AHR. It's just too much work for people we don't like that much anyway.
  • @icecreamcono

    We met with a lot of negativity as well in the beginning of our planning but it got better as time progressed...hope your DW planning experience becomes an enjoyable one soon!
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