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(First) PLAN-niversary?

Is anyone planning anything for their anniversary? My first is coming up; my husband isn't a planner and we still haven't had a honeymoon of sorts, so I'm stuck on ideas.

What have YOU all planned/participated in for your anniversaries of the past (not just first)?

Re: (First) PLAN-niversary?

  • We will be celebrating our first anniversary in September. We've booked flights to Portland, Oregon. We'll explore the city (rose gardens, beer), drive to the coast and see Astoria (where Goonies and Kindergarden Cop were filmed) and Cannon Beach. We'll also drive up to Washington and explore Olympic National Park. We'll be gone 8 days (including our actual anniversary). I'm starting to get really excited!

    Thinking ahead to year 2, we're looking at central California (Big Sur, Carmel and Monteray). We have a long list of places in the US to visit before we start TTC.

    Congrats on your first year! It's flown by hasn't it? :)
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    My husband works on the road, and he was supposed to be gone for our anniversary, but he surprised me by taking time off and coming home for it after all. 

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  • We'll be going to Niagara Falls, Canada the Saturday-Monday of our actual anniversary in January then since we will both be back in grad school this year, we plan on taking a 2 week trip to Europe in May (in between semesters) as our real 1 year trip.
  • We went back to the city we were married in, New Orleans, for about a week. The day of our actual anniversary we had our cake for breakfast with champagne, stopped by our venue and snapped a picture during the day, and had a very nice dinner at our favorite restaurant.
  • We just got married Friday and are already planning our yr anny!! We are going to do a week at Disney for a honeymoom, and begin TTC. We were also just talking about renewing our vows somewhere on the grounds. After the 5 days we plan on flying my daughter down and celebrating her birthday for another 5 days. I am so excited!!!

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  • Ours will be in May. It sounds like we are going to Kona at this point.

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